Our Story

The SwitchBands Case and Universal SwitchBand
was born out of necessity because of the frequent
drops I had while doing active things. I tried using
cases and gadgets that were on the market place
but all had certain drawbacks. The stick on gadgets
would either fall off or would not give me the secure
hold I was looking for. And both cases and gadgets
were bulky, always getting caught in my pocket,
and my phone would not lay flat or wirelessly
charge. There was also no way to adjust your
preference on how to hold it for your comfort.
Founder-Bruce Gwyn


The SwitchBand product line since its
inception has been considered the go to
option for a non-stick, adjustable, changeable,
even customizable band that gives you a very
comfortable yet very secure grip to your cell
phone. Our bands are stitched, printed and
packaged in the USA.

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  • George Leo

    Project Manager

  • Amelia Jacky

    Production Controller

  • Daniel Arthur

    Store Manager