Our Story

The SwitchBands Case was born out of necessity because of the frequent drops I had while doing active things. I tried using cases and gadgets that were on the market place but all had certain drawbacks. The stick on gadgets would either fall off or would not give me the secure hold I was looking for. And both cases and gadgets were bulky, always getting caught in my pocket, and my phone would not lay flat or wirelessly charge. There was also no way to adjust your preference on how to hold it for your comfort.

So I decided to create a case that overcame all those deficiencies with an added little twist. The SwitchBands Case is a solution to all these problems and you can personalize the band with different colors, images and even customize it. So if you are a person always on the go, texting and taking selfies with one hand, exercising, parenting, constantly working or just plain laying down finally relaxing, you can always now feel confident that your cell phone will stay connected to you with ease and comfort.

Bruce Gwyn CEO

Success & Customer Satisfaction

We've put our continued success down to knowing what consumers and businesses need, and having an extensive range of the best accessories for their latest devices — This tied together with our world-class customer service has made Switchbands a real duel threat. We are committed to our customers and will always bring them our latest innovations along with a top of the line commitment.

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Constant Innovation

As a company, we are dedicated to constant innovation to enhance everyone's experience with the Switchbands Product Line. It has been these innovations such as the adjustable, changeable and customizable holding loop band that has given so many people the security like no other product yet the convenience of no snagging, wireless charging and the fun twist of your expression on your band! And of course all this comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a one year warranty - so you're ensured of absolute peace of mind following your purchase.


And of course, all Switchband Cases come with the latest state of the art advancements in case technology. This includes our micro lip for both the screen and camera protection, our case with double lined thermoplastic and silicone protection, yet ultra thin, giving ultimate drop protection (if that ever occurs 😁)